"Candy came from out on the island..." - Lou Reed

Candy was a tranny girl in New York in the 1960's. She starred in Warhol films, surrounded herself with degenerate rockstars like Lou and Iggy and The Dolls, had sex for money, and took no shit.

If you want to know more about her read her diary "My face for the world to see", Holly Woodlawn's autobiography "Low Life In High Heels" or Warhol's diary.

We have no intention of providing you with lots of Candy pix and anecdotes (it's out there...if you can't find it, email us). We also have no merchandise to sell, no pictures of our cats and we probably won't update this page any time soon.

In Candy's time, to be a transgendered sexworker was to be as low as anything or anyone could be (even much more so than now). Sex work was the only source of income available for most women like her other than writing one's life story and doing freakshow style public speaking. Christine Jorgensen already had those two jobs and nobody needed to hire another one of her, the market wasn't big enough.

Candy managed to be a star because of her status rather than in spite of it. Her glory came from her gracious self-presentation that slyly transformed the mark of Cain into a status symbol. In short, Candy Darling was punk rock before there was punk rock (The term punk was first applied to queers like her).

It is in this spirit that we take her as our patron saint. We who are on the outside take the obligation to pick up her flag after her early death and carry on.

We're trying to carry the fucker with style! Dig?

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links here. They're for our friends and family. Some of them create art and live lives that celebrate transgression, evolving identities, the range of real peoples lives, genders and beliefs. Others just make cool shit we like. You'll also find some links about Candy Darling.

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